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Network Security LA2352
The Lionic ePavis II LA2352 is a layer 7 content inspection engine (The abbreviation CIE will be used through the text) which supports layer-7 application has become a demanding requirement for current security/content-aware network equipments. Many of such applications rely on content inspection (or deep packet inspection, DPI) to achieve their functionality, such as anti-virus, IPS, traffic classification, and so on. The CIE supports pattern matching for in-and-out bound data and utilizes patented technologies to provide excellent performance with minimal memory and signature maintenance requirements.
The CIE supports pattern matching to incoming data which could be in the following forms: 1) single packet/file, 2) portions of a packet/file, or 3) concatenation of several packets/files. A list of regular expressions is used to represent the patterns to be matched. To perform pattern matching operations, the regular expressions are compiled (or translated) first and then download the inspection codes produced by the compiler into the core.

The CIE offloads content inspection so that system can have better performance and more cost effective to meet stringent requirements for performance, availability and reliability in Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and Small and Medium Business (SMB). This chip provides deep packet inspection at all OSI layers, including the payload, 200 Mbps or above aggregate throughput (depending on process technology).
  • Support 64 sets of rules, each maximum 256K rules
  • Regular expression and plain string patterns
  • Optimize for plain string patterns to reduce inspection code size a lot. (6.6Mbytes for 100K rules, while only 27K rules in previous generation)
  • Can achieve 200Mbps aggregated performance(@133MHz), double compared to previous generation
  • Cross packet search with minimal overhead

System Block Diagram



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Content Inspection Core Block Diagram