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Network Security Solution

Network Security ePavis II LC3720
Lionic's ePavis II LC3720 is a layer 7 content inspection engine with high speed PCI-Express interface. It can offload resource-intensive layer 7 operations from the CPU, leaving the CPU free to perform management, firewall or other related operations.
The Lionic ePavis II LC3720 delivers up to 200Mbps pattern matching throughput for in-and-out bound data. Further, it also utilizes patented technologies to provide deterministic performance with minimal memory and signature maintenance requirements.
  • Hardware-Based, High-Performance, and Low-Cost Content Inspection Co-Processor
  • Hardware accelerated content inspection
  • Support up to 1G bits DDR2 memory
  • One PCIe 1.1 1x device interface as Co-Processor Interface
  • TSMC 0.13μ CMOS Process
  • LFBGA Package with Ball Count 260
  • Low electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions
  • Robust ESD tolerance
  • Support content inspection across packet boundaries
  • Supports Multi-Data Inspection
  • Intelligent fabric for automata for efficient database scaling
  • Suitable for anti-virus, IPS, IM/P2P filtering, content filtering, URL filtering
  • Supports Regular Expression / Plain String Rule Matching
  • Up to 200Mbps pattern matching throughput
  • Zero-downtime rule updating and uploading
  • Support for Up to 268,435,456 of signatures
  • Fast rule compiler and device drivers
  • Lowers system bill of materials (BOM) cost and simplifies system design
  • Eases system level debug

System Block Diagram