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Network Security Solution

Network Security Talos
Talos, one of the most solid Lionic techniques, provides the complete security protection over your network. For a network device, equipped with Talos, it can easily become a UTM (Unified Threat Management) capable product with short integration time. By utilizing chip hardware acceleration and smart signatures for content inspection,Talos is definitely a Total-Solution for network security.

TalosTM Core

  • 32/64bit support
  • Uni-Processor/Multi-Processor support
  • Big/Little Endian support
  • Packet Decoding: Ethernet/ICMP/IP/TCP/UDP
  • TCP/UDP Flow Management
  • TCP- Reordering
  • Memory Management
  • Queue Management
  • Optimized String Match Algorithms
  • Chunk-Load Signature Mechanism

TalosTM Protocol Parser

  • HTTP/ FTP/ SMTP/ POP3/ IMAP4 Protocol Parsing
  • HTTP URI Normalization
  • HTTP-Chunk
  • HTTP-Pipeline
  • EMail Subject/From/To Extraction
  • Base64/QP/UUEncode Parsing
  • EML(a mail with attachment files as a attachment) Parsing

TalosTM Anti-Virus

  • Packet-Based Virus/Spy/Trojan/Malware Detection
  • Support  HTTP/ FTP/ SMTP/ POP3/ IMAP4 Protocol Scan
  • Support Generic TCP Stream Scan
  • Support GZ/ZIP/RAR Scan
  • Support Multilayer(i.e. a zip in a rar) GZ/ZIP/RAR Scan
  • Support Zip-Bomb Detection
  • Various File Types Scan Support
  • File Types Filter Scan Support
  • File Size Threshold Scan Support
  • Unknown File Types Scan Support

TalosTM Intrusion Prevention System

  • Packet-Based Intrusion Scanning
  • Over 2,000 Attacks Prevention
  • Protocol Anomaly Detection
  • Traffic Anomaly Detection 

TalosTM Application Guard

  • Packet-Based Protocol Classifier
  • Detect Well-Known Protocols
  • Instant Messenger Detection and Blocking
  • Peer-to-Peer Application Detection and Blocking
  • Scheduled Time Blocking for each application
  • MAC-based White List for skip detection and blocking control

TalosTM Web Guard

  • Website Hijacking Prevention
  • Concise Malicious URL Database
  • Small Database Size
  • Host-Only or Host + Path Matching
  • Support User-Customed URL Black List
  • Support User-Customed Keyword Identified URL as Malicious URL
  • Support Customed Response Web Page
  • More than 19,000 malicious sites to be blocked

TalosTM URL Filter

  • URL Category Identification
  • Parental Control for Kids(i.e. Sex/Violence Blocking for surfing)
  • Various Categories Support

 TalosTM IP/AP-QoS

  • Support IP-Based Bandwidth Management
  • Support AP-Based Bandwidth Management
  • Profile-Based Configuration
  • Min/Max Bandwidth for each network interface
  • Priority-Bias for Contention Situation

TalosTM User-Identity Security Control

  • Can Know Who Is Using the Internet
  • User-Based White List Configuration of Security Control
  • Can Control Kids Surfing Internet Time
  • Dynamically Override System Wide Security Protection by Super User

TalosTM IP/FQDN White List

  • Invert Security Protection for need
  • Unified White List Mechanism for security protection


System Block Diagram