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Network Security Solution

Network Security AegisLab Signature Database Service
Egis signature database services cover the most reliable and effective signatures set for various security applications. Now It is comprised of four application categories:

AegisLab  Anti-Virus
AegisLab Anti-Virus signatures cover the most popular malwares, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, backdoors, and the prevalent password stealers etc. The format of signature is stream based i.e. means the security application don't need to reassemble the whole file. Only minimal resource and computing power is needed
AegisLab  Intrusion Prevention System
AegisLab Intrusion prevention signatures protect users from being attacked by hackers through unknown vulnerabilities against software operating systems or other applications.
AegisLab  Application Guard
AegisLab Application Guard covers the well known network applications, especially Instant Messaging, Peer-to-Peer (IM/P2P), streaming application, social networking web site and etc.. It provides a quick scheme to enforce customer network policy control.
AegisLab Web Guard
AegisLab Web Guard is a concise malicious URL database to prevent malicious URL such as drive-by-download and scare-ware download.