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Mobile Security Solution

Network Security AegisLab Antivirus Elite
Aegislab Antivirus Elite is a comprehensive security tool for Android Devices.

(1). Scan Mobile Malware:
•Scan for suspicious APPs (Spyware , Trojan , Virus, Malware, Attack Tool, Authorization, Privacy,Remote Control ) or ads on device and SD card (automatically or on demand).
•Support Scan SD card
•Support Auto-Schedule Scan
•Malware Database covers more than 1500+ GEINIMI/PJAPPS/DroidDream/zsone/ADRD/Fake10086/and etc malware instances.

•Erase Personal Information Remotely
•Device Lock remotely
•GPS Location remotely for missing device

(3)Database Search Before Installation
•Query remotely, quickly and efficient
•Detect malware in advance

(4).Privacy Protection & Anti-Phising:
• Contact Backup & Restore (automatically or on demand)
* Check and block phishing URL inside SMS.

Important Announcement:

The upgraded version-"AegisLab Antivirus Premium" will be launched on Google Play on 2012/12/17. For those that are current users of “AegisLab Antivirus Elite”, a free upgrade to "AegisLab Antivirus Premium" is available from 2013/1/30. Please download "AegisLab Antivirus Premium" on Google Play, and use the original account to login "AegisLab Antivirus Premium". The existing users can keep the same license period as AegisLab Antivirus Elite.

(2). "AegisLab Antivirus Elite" will be off-shelf on 2012/1/18. Herewith, we would like to remind users to download our upgraded version- "AegisLab Antivirus Premium" from 2013/1/30.


Fore more information: please link to Android Market:



                    APP Use Permission List                   



Full Internet access

Update signature, Register, Login

Anti-Phishing (Connect to AegisLab's database)

Remote backup and restore

Market license check

Check you license from Google.

View network/Wi-Fi state

Check states before connect to Internet.

Modify/delete SD card contents

Remove infected apk files.

Local data backup/restore

Read phone state and identity

We need attach some information when registering and login.

Automatically start at boot

Scan malwares when device is booting up.

Discover known account

Auto-fill e-mail field in register and login page.

Disable keylock

Anti-Theft (Lock keys when device is remote locked via SMS message)

Read/write contact data

Contacts backup/restore.

Anti-Theft (Remote wipe contacts via SMS message)

Write Browser's history and bookmarks.

Anti-Theft (Remote wipe Broser's history and bookmarks)

Send SMS messages

My Location (Report device's location)

Your coarse/fine location

My Location (Report device's location)

Receive/read/edit SMS or MMS

Anti-Phishing (Check/Destroy bad links in messages).

Receive location, lock, wipe command.

Anti-Theft (Remote wipe messages in device)



System Block Diagram



  • It can be downloaded from Google Market on android phone
  • It can help you to examine every application downloaded and keep your device safe during daily usage
  • Currently it supports android 1.5/1.6/2.1/2.3