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Network Security MiniGuard
MiniGuard,a proof of concept by Lionic Techniques, provides a ready-sell UTM product
for interested customers. In essence, MiniGuard is a network router plus Lionic five security modules-- AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention, Application Guard, Web Guard, and URL Filter. In addition to basic network capacities, Lionic security modules perform great add-in values for product traits. In SOHO/SMB market segment, MiniGuard can afford to network security protection with best cost-performance ratio.



  • System CPU, Memory, Firmware, Security statistics

  • Time Setting/Web Admin Password Change

  • HTTP/HTTPS Access to Web Admin

  • Central Management Service

    With this feature, you can monitor and manage lots of MiniGuard for easy maintenance.
  • Config Manager

    Can save and export multiple configurations and import them again if needed.

  • Firmware Upgrade

  • Restart Device



  • Router + NAT Mode

  • Bridge Mode

  • DHCP/PPPoE/Static Internet Connection

  • DHCP Server for LAN

  • DHCP Relay

  • PPPoE Relay

  • Dynamic DNS

  • IPv6

  • IP-QoS

  • Wireless: Multiple SSID, MAC Access Control, WDS, WEP/WPAPSK/WPA2PSK



  • Port Forwarding(one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)

  • UPnP

  • Access Control List



  • Enable/Disable Virus Scan

  • Enable/Disable GZ/ZIP/RAR Virus Scan

  • Enable/Disable FTP/HTTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP/TCPStream Virus Scan

  • File Types Filter for Virus Scan

  • File Size Threshold for Virus Scan

  • Log and Destroy Files Action Control


Intrusion Prevention

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • Protocol Anomaly Detection

  • Traffic Anomaly Detection

  • PortScan Prevention

  • Action: Pass/Drop Packets/Block Session


Application Guard

  • Time-Period Schedule by 24*7

  • Per AP/ Group APs / ALL Aps Action Configuration

  • Action: Pass/Block/Scheduled Time Block

  • MAC-Based White List to skip detection


Web Guard

  • Website Hijacking Prevention

  • User-Defined Black URL List

  • User-Defined Keyword Identified URL as Black URL

  • Action: Log/Block to Customed Response


URL Filter

  • Parental Control for Kids to block Sex/Violence websites

  • More than 30 categories for fine-grained control

  • Action: Log/Block to Customed Response


Signature Update

  • Automatic Signature Update by Time Period and HTTP Proxy

  • Manual Signature Update


Log & ReportRemote Syslog Server

  • System/AV/IPS/IMP2P/WG/URLFilter Logs


System Block Diagram