AegisLab Antivirus Premium is classfied by AV-Comparatives as Top 80 of 250 Antimalware apps without False Alarms

March 19th, 2019 Posted by Company News 0 thoughts on “AegisLab Antivirus Premium is classfied by AV-Comparatives as Top 80 of 250 Antimalware apps without False Alarms”

Hsinchu, Taiwan – March 19, 2019 – AegisLab, the subsidiary security research laboratory of Lionic corporation, is one of the pioneers in Android anti-virus industry. The famous AV-Comparatives organization published an Android Test 2019 Report about their independent tests of comprehensive Android Anti-virus software.  It is surprisingly that there is roughly 250 apps on Google Play store which claimed they have anti-malware ability. However, only 80 of these 250 apps are working. AegisLab Antivirus Premium, of course, is one of these 80 working anti-malware apps.

The AV-Comparatives Android Test 2019 URL:

Android Test 2019 – 250 Apps

These tests are done by checking for their efficacy in protecting against the 2,000 most common Android malware threats of 2018.  All the tests are executed by the automated Android test framework of AV-Comparatives. This automated Android test framework also tried to realistically simulate real-world conditions.  The test results shows that only 80 apps among these 250 anti-malware apps have detection rate higher than 30% and are without false alarms.

It is interesting that licensing an Android anti-virus engine to made an anti-virus product is much more common than licensing Widows anti-virus engine.  AegisLab is proud to say that all the technologies inside the AegisLab Anti-virus Premium are developed in clean room, not licensing an existing AV engine.

Among the superabundant Android anti-virus products, users have better choose the well-known, verified and reputable products and do not rely on user ratings. AegisLab Anti-virus Premium obtained the affirmation of both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives organization. We recommend users to adopt AegisLab Anti-virus Premium.

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