Deep Packet Inspection

Understand what’s happening in the network

Hardware DPI

Argus LA3000 Silicon IP

The Lionic Argus LA3000 is a layer 7 deep packet inspection (DPI) engine. Supports layer-7 application has become a demanding requirement for current security/content-aware network equipment. Many of such applications rely on DPI to achieve their functionality, such as anti-virus, IPS, traffic classification, and so on. Lionic DPI supports pattern matching for in-and-out bound data and utilizes patented technologies to provide excellent performance with minimal memory usage and signature maintenance requirements.

A list of regular expressions is used to represent the patterns to be matched. To perform pattern matching operations, the regular expressions are compiled (or translated) first and then download the inspection codes produced by the compiler into the core.



  • Up to 2.5Gbps of deep packet inspection
  • Support more complexity regular expression and plain string patterns
  • Support Max 12 Parallel Content Inspection Engine
  • Support Max 256 independent pattern set for various applications
  • Support Max 4 million patterns per pattern set
  • Less memory footprint
    • Compressed finite automation consumes less memory (USA patented).
    • Supports special regular expression syntax with hardware circuit (USA patented).
  • Cross packet searching with minimal overhead
  • Content inspection across packet boundaries with minimal overhead
  • Compatible AXI 3/4 specification



RE-Soft Software DPI engine

Besides the Hardware DPI engine, Lionic also provide the Software DPI Engine. The functionalities of RE-Soft is all the same as Hardware DPI – LA3000, and provides the same APIs to Argus Universal Driver Interface.
For the platform without Hardware DPI engine, Lionic can still provide all the software solutions (ex. AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention, …) to customer with RE-Soft engine.

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