DPI Consulting Service

1. Overview

Lionic is one of the best Deep Packet Inspection expert teams in the world. Besides our own DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technologies, we keep studying some good open source projects related to the data searching area and the very high performance network programming area. In the data searching area, the open source regular expression implementations like Hyperscan are impressed. In the very high performance network programming area, several Linux kernel bypass technologies including DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) are researched.


2. Consulting Service for Hyperscan

Actually both Lionic Regular Expression Solutions and Intel Hyperscan are derived from finite automata theory but different approaches. Compared to Hyperscan, the Lionic Regular Expression Solutions have the following advantages:

  • Smaller search graph in some cases.
  • Supporting both Intel x86/x64 CPU and non-x86 CPU like ARM, MIPS, IBM Power, etc.
  • Two searching methods for different situations - FA for regular expressions and PFAC for plain strings.
  • Silicon IP Argus LA3000 Ready.

If customers need above features, we recommend adopting Lionic Regular Expression Solutions. However, if customers insist on adopting Hyperscan for other reasons, we may provide Hyperscan consulting service under a project basis.


3. Consulting Service for FastPath

The speed of the standard TCP/IP stack inside the Linux kernel is not sufficient for heavy network workloads nowadays. All major network SoC companies like Qualcomm, Broadcom, etc. provide their own FastPath to achieve higher network throughput. Those FastPath implementations may include hardware NAT and QoS. Unfortunately, those FastPath are proprietary and the open source community can not utilize them. Lionic is lucky that several big network appliance vendors licensed our technologies and asked SoC companies to open their FastPath to us after signing agreements. So we are familiar with the FastPath of the mainstream network SoC.

The Lionic DPI solutions are integrated with several Qualcomm, Broadcom FastPath implementations successfully already. We also have much integration experiences with MediaTek, Realtek network SoC. Lionic may provide consulting service for the FastPath of Qualcomm and Broadcom network SoC under a project basis. The FastPath integration of other network SoC are welcomed to discuss.


4. Consulting Service for DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit)

There are several open source network programming technologies which are designed for handling network packets directly and thus bypass the Linux kernel. The DPDK(Data Plane Development Kit) is just one of them. Other approaches may be pf_ring, netmap, eBPF, VPP, OpenDataPlane, OpenFastPath, etc. The DPDK is popular now but others are also potential. There is no dominant one.

Lionic may provide consulting service for the DPDK under a project basis. Other kernel bypass technologies are welcomed to discuss.