Mindspeed and Lionic to Demonstrate Intelligent Quality of Service Capabilities for Broadband Home Routers

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Deep Packet Inspection Enables Service Providers to Support Next-Generation Security and Improves Quality of Experience for Over-the-Top (OTT) Services and Gaming Applications

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:MSPD), a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, and Lionic Corporation, a worldwide supplier of innovative network security solutions, today announced that the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine in Mindspeed®’s Comcerto® 2000 communication processor family will be showcased in a live quality of service (QoS) demonstration at the 13th Annual Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam this week.

Lionic’s Talos III software development kit (SDK) allows broadband home router (BHR) developers who have adopted Mindspeed’s 2000 communications processor family to deliver enterprise-class DPI technology for residential broadband applications. Support for advanced application-based QoS, advanced parental controls, keyword filtering, URL filtering and antivirus technology will enable a new generation of home services from telecom operators and other service providers.

A live demonstration showcasing the integrated solution will be hosted in Lionic’s booth (F51) at Broadband World Forum from October 22-24, 2013 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in  Amsterdam. The demonstration will highlight the features and performance of Lionic’s smart QoS application running on the Comcerto 2000 deep packet inspection engine, including:

  • High-performance scanning, taking full advantage of the integrated DPI engine
  • Traffic visualization and traffic leveling for the enablement of tiered service plans
  • Device identification for smart home network control and the prioritization of traffic
  • Hardware DPI offloading Layer 7 applications
  • Application-specific QoS and control for OTT voice, video and gaming flows

“The DPI engine integrated in the Comcerto 2000 is the perfect vehicle to introduce deep packet inspection-based technologies in the home,” said Eric Lu, chief executive officer at Lionic.  “Lionic is excited to be working with Mindspeed and leading BHR vendors to enable next-generation applications and services.”

With advanced DPI functionality now part of its Open Packet Acceleration Logic (OPAL™) gigabit acceleration technology, the Comcerto 2000 and its powerful dual 1.2GHz ARM® Cortex™-A9, are ideally suited to many compelling carrier class products found in broadband-enabled residences and small-to-medium business (SMB) settings. Mindspeed’s Comcerto 2000 processors use intelligent offloading to run wire-rate Gigabit-per-second IPv6 NAT and firewall applications, while keeping their 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processors fully available for executing value-added applications, from OEMs or service providers.

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Lionic Corporation is a worldwide supplier of innovative network security solutions. Lionic provides technologies and subscription services to service providers, networking equipment manufacturers, and semiconductor companies and offers a complete end-to-end security solution that enables the next generation of advanced firewalls, UTMs, residential gateways and mobile devices. Lionic’s technologies includes Layer-7 Deep Pack Inspection (DPI), software scan engine, control software and a widely deployed signature database that addresses antivirus, Intrusion Prevention System ( IPS), application guard, web guard and URL filtering. Lionic’s innovative solutions help protect the world’s networks from an ever increasing level of security threats and attacks. Lionic DPI technology is currently used by many customers including ZyXEL in its line of ZyWALL security routers. For more information, please visit www.lionic.com.

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Mindspeed Technologies (Nasdaq:MSPD) is a leading provider of network infrastructure semiconductor solutions to the communications industry. The company’s low-power system-on-chip (SoC) products are helping to drive video, voice and data applications in worldwide fiber-optic networks and enable advanced processing for 3G and long-term evolution (LTE) mobile networks. The company’s high-performance analog products are used in a variety of optical, enterprise, industrial and video transport systems. Mindspeed’s products are sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe. To learn more, please visit www.mindspeed.com. Company news and updates are also posted at www.twitter.com/mindspeed.

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