Network Security

Providing with safe and unthreatened network environment


Lionic Security Solutions

In the past, people put attention on security capabilities on PC software. However, in recently years, there are more and more network-connected devices in the IoT environment, but few of them have the capability to protect themselves. It becomes more and more important to protect the network environment in the entry of network – gateway. Lionic can provide multiple security functions, and integrate into our customer’s platform seamlessly. Include:
  • Anti-Virus

    Scan all the files pass through the router, block, and destroy the viruses. Intrusion Prevention System

  • Anti-Intrusion

    Also known as "Intrusion Prevention System". It prevents cyber-criminals from accessing your network to inspect and steal confidential information.

  • Anti-WebThreat

    Its former name is "WebGuard". It prevents against accessing malicious, phishing, and scam websites.



    Not only protect the PC equipped with anti-virus software, Lionic’s solution can protect all the devices inside the network environment. Based on the DPI engine and software, Lionic can provide our customer good virus protection capabilities with below benefits:


    • Being one of the partner of Google VirusTotal, Lionic can always get the up-to-date virus files.
      • Obtaining 100K+ up-to-date viruses per day.
    • Efficient Packet-based Scanning with low memory usage.
    • One-to-N signature: 20,000 (~2MB) signature rules can catch more than 20M viruse instances.
    • Highly integrate with Hardware Fastpath of platform for providing best throughput
      • Roughly 20%~30% performance impact after enabling Lionic Anti-Virus function
    • 200M viruses could be captured after enabling extended cloud based scan to provide best virus coverage.


    Lionic Intrusion Prevention System provides enterprise level protection and protects the network device from cyber-criminal’s intrusion. To provide best protection, besides analysis the intrusion behavior by Lionic’s Network Security team, we also study various open source IPS rules databases and develop our own IPS rules.


    Being the partner of Google VirusTotal, Lionic gets thousands potential malicious websites every day, including the phishing, hijacking, spyware, adware, and malware websites. Lionic’s WebGuard solution protect the devices inside the network from accessing such malicious websites. To provide fast scanning inside the Lionic’s Dynamic Analysis System is used to analysis all the websites to extract the signatures, and find out more possible sites & files with risks.