Pico-UTM 100


Pico-UTM 100 is simple but powerful!

Pico-UTM 100 is a truly plug & protect security gateway developed by Lionic with its own patented Deep Packet Inspection technology and designed to protect home & SOHO and small business(ppl<50), Lionic has collected virus, ransomware and other intrusion instances actively and built the large signature database. Pico-UTM 100 includes 1 year subscription of signature service so as to purify and protect your network constantly. All known virus, ransomware and intrusions will be caught and blocked without any missing ones.



Pico-UTM 100 caters your need

Wish no tough luck to get hacked or virus? Or you shall keep hope on the launch of Pico-UTM?

From the beginning of Year 2020 , Covid-19 pandemic changes life patterns, remote work, work from home, and schooling from home have become a trend. Meanwhile, the awareness of cyber-security is rising up related to ransomware, phishing and social engineering attacks, 93% of companies worldwide under the survey are more concerned on network security now than before Covid-19, 58% of special attention on employees’ home network security. As a result, Lionic aims to launch a security device: Pico-UTM 100 to fix concerns for home, SOHO, and SB. We believe being able to connect is basic, to be connected securely is the requirement nowadays.

If you ever found out your important photos/files/data were stolen or leaked and you were unable to rescue them back, did you regret not to take actions before or get a solution for the future ?

With Pico-UTM, cyber-criminals will no longer intrude to your personal data.

Now, here has a powerful, intelligent and plug& play security appliance - Pico-UTM 100, with its easy installation without changing your original network topology, keep high performance with all functions on and equipped with security features, Anti-Virus, Anti-WebThreat and Anti-Intrusion to be a safeguard for your whole family and business.



Why you need Pico-UTM 100?

Year 2020 is a disaster year filled with Covid-19 pandemic and threats of Cyber-security!

Taiwan not only can help to prevent against the virus from Covid-19 but also the virus of cyber-security. Everybody knows Taiwan is a primary strategist to keep citizens' healthy during the Covid-19 this time. We have the tier one sanitation committee to lead people during this crisis. Besides, we also kindly share the resources and offer the helps to other countries even those countries have ever known Taiwan.

As a result, Taiwan is worthy for a trust. We are not only able to help people on Covid-19 issue but also rescue you from threats of cyber-security according to our high-tech. Lionic is one of best security solution providers who has focused on developing the Deep Packet Inspection technology for many years and extends the applications to multiple security modules and according signature databases.



Why cross-packet technology makes us a difference?

With patents of deep packet inspection technology, Pico-UTM is able to precisely catch and block cross-packet virus and malware through constant scanning.

Full quadrant protection

Pico-UTM 100 is developed by Lionic’s patented Deep Packet Inspection technology, and utilizes its large virus signature database to extend 4 powerful and necessary applications nowadays.

  • Anti-Virus: one-to-multiple pattern matching catches all known viruses.
  • Anti-WebThreat: daily update on URLs to block phishing and malicious websites entirely.
  • Anti-Intrusion: Block botnet attacks, DDoS attacks, ransomware, weak password and another 4 common cyber-attacks.
  • Firewall: fundamental firewall setting to reinforce the protection.



User friendly interface

Pico-UTM 100 provides user- friendly interfaces which can be determined the policy by users and through the dashboard the users can monitor the status in time and update the policy at any time.



Our Story

When internet has not yet been fully connected by everyone, we’ve started looking into cyber-security and developing network security mechanism with Deep Packet Inspection technology .During the time our SW had been licensed, qualified and certified by lots of high visibility providers of network equipment worldwide including NEC, Cisco, and series of telecoms. We always believe being able to connect is basic, to be connected securely is the requirement. And now it happens!

We, Lionic, constantly offers network security solutions to providers of network equipment, and now we decide to launch our own product: Pico-UTM 100 by using our robust technology and signature databases, we expect to offer to end user directly!

We wish no more expensive and complicate product, our simple idea and sincere hope are to keep your home networking purified and safe.



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