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Lionic, the leading company of networking security solution on network gateway

Lionic is the leading company of networking security solution on network gateway. Lionic was founded in Nov. of 2003, and is now located in science-based industrial park in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The core technology of Lionic is DPI (deep packets inspection). With Lionic’s DPI engine, the network gateway can scan all the packets deeply into L7-application level payload to detect the threats likes viruses, malicious websites, hacker’s intrusion, and identify applications and devices information.

Lionic’s business model is very flexible.

Depends on different customers’ needs, we can provide different model for win-win business:

For Networking Chip Designer

License DPI silicon IP (Intellectual Property) to make the Networking SoC have the capability of deep packets inspection.

The latest DPI engine (silicon IP) is LA3000, which can provide 2.5 Gbps per unit.

For UTM Router/Gateway

License individual software modules, like AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention System, WebGuard, Application Identification, Device Identification, and URL Filtering.

Besides software modules, we also provide corresponding signature database, which are optimized for Lionic’s DPI engine to provide best performance and utilize less memory usage.

For Home Router/Gateway

Lionic can provide the turnkey solutions including several valuable services including network security, AppQoS – Traffic Management, Parental Control – Network Behavior Management.

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As the first company to vertically integrate full stack of deep packets inspection (DPI) engine, software SDK and signature database into a comprehensive total solution of networking security, Lionic has cooperated with lots of customers and shipped our solutions successfully in past years. With our experience of vertical integration in network solutions, customers can effectively shorten their time for integration & compatibility then provide their products shortly.

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