Frequently Asked Questions

1. Lionic Organization General Questions

Q1. How to report a signature rule caused false positive to Lionic?

A1. There are two false positive reporting pages -

  1. Please use the web form within the “False Positive URL on VirusTotal” or “False Positive File on VirusTotal” sections on the “Report False Positive” page to submit false positive of Lionic on VirusTotal.

  2. Please use the web form within the " False Positive URL of Lionic Products “, " False Positive File of Lionic Products " or " False Positive Intrusion of Lionic Products " sections on the “Report False Positive” page to submit false positive of Lionic products.

Do not use any email to report false positive URL or file. Our false positive processing team check the submitted data of false positive web forms only.

Q2. How to submit a malware to Lionic?

A2. Please use the web form inside the Report Malware page to submit malware.

Note that the file size must not exceed 30MB and do not compress. Just send the original file.

Q3. How to submit a malicious URL to Lionic?

A3. Please use the web form inside the Report Malicious URL page to submit malicious URL.


2. Lionic Antivirus for Android App General Questions

Q1. What is the relation between Lionic Antivirus for Android and AegisLab Antivirus for Android?

A1. Lionic Antivirus for Android, formerly known as AegisLab Antivirus, is re-branded and launched again.

AegisLab is the security research laboratory owned by Lionic. Due to company policy changed, we will focus on Lionic brand from now on.


Q2. Does the Lionic Antivirus App need Internet connection?

A2. Yes, the Lionic Antivirus App requires Internet connection for authentication, scanning and updating virus pattern. The transmission fee will be determined according to the rate you use.


Q3. How to report a false positive in Lionic Antivirus App?

A3. Please report it by clicking “REPORT AS FALSE POSITIVE” in scanned result. We will reanalyze it as soon as possible.

Otherwise please use the web form inside the Reporting False Positive page to report false positive App.



Q4. I forgot my security password. How to do?

A4. You need to reset the application as follow:

  • First, open the Settings app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Android displays the list of apps that you have installed on your smartphone or tablet. Tap the application that you want to reset.

  • Tap Storage.

  • To completely reset it, tap Clear data.

  • Re-open the application and set your security password again.


Q5. Does “URL Filter” feature of Lionic Antivirus suitable for any web browser?

A5. Due to compatibility issues, “URL Filter” feature works for Google Chrome web browser for Android only.