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what is dpi

What is Deep Packet Inspection?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is an advanced method which provides a robust mechanism for executing network packet filtering.

How Deep Packet Inspection works?

Lionic’s DPI = Packets Handling + Domain Knowledge + Multi-Pattern Search Engine. It is able to examine the full contents of packets as they passing through a monitored network checkpoint then it takes some actions immediately according to the algorithm we defined. To know more about the applications of DPI, please check Network Security, Traffic Management and Behavior Management.

how dpi work

What is the benefit of using Deep Packet Inspection?

Different from the traditional stateful firewall, Deep Packet Inspection has ability to identify and block bigger range of complex threats hiding in network data streams more effectively and accurately.

What makes Lionic’s Deep Packet Inspection better?

Since our DPI software had been licensed, qualified and certified by lots of high visibility providers of network equipment worldwide including NEC, Cisco, and series of telecoms. We cooperated with those valued customers very closely. Lionic’s DPI implementation is getting more and more robust as time goes by. Our team has developed multiple algorithms which are able to precisely catch and block cross-packets malwares. It is scanning a packet with the summary information of previous packets of the same session rather than scanning single packet individually.

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What applications does Lionic’s Deep Packet Inspection extend?

Based on Lionic’s advanced algorithm, our core DPI technology can inspect into layer 7 (the application layer that contains the actual messages). Therefore, Lionic’s DPI is not only capable of providing the network security features but also is capable of identifying the applications and devices.

To know more about the applications of DPI, please check the “Network Security, Traffic Management and Behavior Management” page.

Lionic DPI Application Extend

Lionic’s Deep Packet Inspection consulting service

Lionic is one of the best experts of Deep Packet Inspection in the world. Our DPI solutions are integrated into the fastpath implementation of major network SoC vendors like Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, Realtek successfully already. As a result, we provide consulting service for the FastPath integration. Meanwhile, we also provide other consulting services including DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) and Hyperscan.

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