Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Have you ever feel annoying due to the network latency while watching the movie or playing online game? In the current network environment, many applications competitor for the limited network bandwidth, including:

Video streaming
YouTube, Netflix, are occupied large bandwidth to ensure HD quality.
Online games
World of Warcraft, Hero of the Storm, required real-time response to ensure the gaming experience.
Files transferring application like P2P, will utilize the whole bandwidth of the network.

Therefore, how to manage the network traffic intelligently is very important. Thanks for Lionic’s strong application and device identification capability, we offers the Smart QoS (Quality of Service), which is capable of manage the network traffic intelligently and provide the smoothest network experience. You won’t be annoyed by network latency again.

The real case of Lionic’s Smart QoS

There are multiple applications run in the same time: P2P file (BitTorrent) + Online game (Hero of the Storm) + Video streaming (4 YouTube video).

Lionic DPI Application Extend

Lionic’s smart QoS solution can provide excellent management result as the table shows.


Comparing with other QoS solution provider, Lionic’s Smart QoS is also the best one.

Smart Network Filter, Security Made Simple

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