Critical Realtek eCos SDK Flaw - CVE-2022-27255

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Sep 1, 2022 – In the 2022 DEFCON, one of the world’s largest and most notable hacker conventions, four security researchers ( Octavio Gianatiempo, Octavio Galland, Emilio …

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More Data Wipers Emerged In Russia-Ukraine War

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Aug 1, 2022 – Everyone wants peace. Unfortunately, some powerful people go to war for profit occasionally. The Russia-Ukraine War, as a war in modern days, adopted some cyber-attacks …

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Lionic Introduces Secure QR Code Scanner for Android/iOS

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Jul 12, 2022 – Lionic Corporation today introduced the Secure QR Code Scanner, a QR code reader which can protect users against fake QR codes. For example, cyber-criminals began …

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真相只有一個! 防詐偵探幫你揪出詐騙連結

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Jun 27, 2022 – 打開Line一看,是不是有幾十則甚至上百則訊息未讀? 眾多訊息中,必定參雜了許多網頁連結,可能是長輩發的新聞連結、朋友傳來的購物連結或是同事分享的資訊連結,但你確定這些連結都安全嗎? 詐騙集團的手法有千百種,偽造假的網頁連結便是常見的手法之一,你還敢隨意點擊別人傳送的網址嗎? 天啊~~怎麼辦!!那以後不就什麼連結都不能開了? 別急別 …

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Spring4Shell Zero-Day Vulnerability is Abused Soon

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Apr 28, 2022 – The Spring4Shell zero-day vulnerability is dropped on Mar 29, 2022. It is assigned as CVE-2022-22965. The CVE-2022-22965 is in the popular Java Spring framework and …

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New Emotet Malware Is Spreading Globally

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Mar 23, 2022 – Emotet first appeared in 2014. Its activity ceased in early 2021 after the takedown coordinated by Europol and Eurojust. Unfortunately, the new Emotet malware returned …

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New Ransomware Family Sugar Targets Consumers and Pico-UTM Can Block Them

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Mar 15, 2022 – Walmart Security Team discovered the Sugar ransomware first. It is a new Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) operation that launched in November 2021 but did not obtained …

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More Ransomware Targets NAS and Pico-UTM Can Protect Internet-connected NAS

Updated on Febuary 22, 2022 - Added Asustor DeadBolt news. Hsinchu, Taiwan – Feb 16, 2022 – NAS (Network Attached Storage) becomes an important device for many companies nowadays. Its first role is …

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Conti Ransomware Hits Delta Electronics And Pico-UTM Can Block It Successfully

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Jan 30, 2022 – Last week, Conti ransomware hits Delta Electronics, a tech giant which supplies Apple, Tesla, HP, Dell and other big companies in the world. The headquarter of Delta …

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Microsoft HTTP Protocol Stack Remote Code Execution Vulnerability - CVE-2022-21907

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Jan 18, 2022 – Last week, Microsoft published the “HTTP Protocol Stack Remote Code Execution Vulnerability - CVE-2022-21907” after it released a huge patch via Windows …

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