LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android

LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android - Detecting the malware precisely!

1. Overview

The LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android is suitable for adding virus scanning ability to your existing Android app. For example, MDM (Mobile Device Management) software is usually adopted by enterprise for the unified business process. Virus scanning ability on the mobile phone can detect the malware before those phones connected to the internal servers of enterprise. It is necessary that protecting enterprise against malware in multi-layers like anti-virus on phone, WAN gateway, server levels and so on.


2. Software Architecture

How SDK Work


3. Key Features

  • LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android is developed in Java.

  • Delivering as a jar file.

  • Very lightweight! Supporting cloud-based anti-virus query only.

    • Lionic cloud based anti-virus database contains more than 800 millions virus signature and still keeps growing.

  • The results of the scan will be provided:
    • Virus type: Spyware, Remote Control, Virus, Worm, Trojan, Hack Tool, PUA, Riskware, Backdoor, Exploit, Fraud, Suspicious
    • Degree of danger: 1~3
    • Virus name


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