LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android

LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android - Detecting the malware precisely!

1. Overview

The “LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android” is an excellent solution for integrating virus scanning functionality into your existing Android apps.

One example of such integration is with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, which is commonly used by enterprise organizations to streamline their business processes. By including virus scanning on mobile devices, potential malware can be detected before the devices connect to the enterprise’s internal servers. It is essential to protect the enterprise from malware with multiple layers of defense, such as adding anti-virus functionality on mobile phones, WAN gateways, and servers.

In addition to the LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android, Lionic also offers other SDKs for different platforms, such as the Network Security SDK for Embedded Systems for WAN gateways and the LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Linux/Windows for servers.


2. Software Architecture

How SDK Work


3. Key Features

  • The LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android is developed in Kotlin and delivered as an AAR file.

  • The AAR file can be linked with apps developed in both Java and Kotlin.

  • It is a lightweight library that supports cloud-based anti-virus queries only.

    • Lionic’s cloud-based anti-virus database contains more than 900M virus signatures and continues to grow.

  • The library takes a file or an application as input and outputs whether the file/application is malicious based on querying Lionic’s cloud anti-virus server.

  • The results of the querying will be provided:

    • Virus name
    • Degree of danger: 1~3
    • Virus type: Spyware, Remote Control, Virus, Worm, Trojan, Hack Tool, PUA, Riskware, Backdoor, Exploit, Fraud, Suspicious


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