Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last modified: February 24, 2022

This privacy policy is provided by both Lionic Corporation and its subsidiary security research laboratory, AegisLab. This policy describes how we handled the personal data of our customers. We seek to ensure that your personal data remains private. Any data that we collect is only used for the purposes that are explained in this policy, in the service-specific terms or notices, and in the license terms and the agreements between you and us.


  1. Personal Information
    We do not collect personal information. "Personal Information" is information that identifies you or another person, which may be transmitted or received when you use our application or the services. Personal information includes your geographic location information, names, physical addresses, email addresses, telephone, fax, SSN, information stored within your device and other information you transmit or receive using our application or the service which identifies you or another person.
  2. Non-Personal Identification
    We may collect non-personal identification information about users whenever they interact with our applications. Non-personal identification information may include the type of your phone, the versions of phone model, OS versions, information of installed applications, URLs, crash report and other similar information.


  1. Personal Information
    Since we do not collect personal information, there is no chance that we will use your personal information.
  2. Non-Personal Information
    We may use non-personal information for any purpose as below:
    • To offer users better security solutions, we need to improve the quality of our malware scanning engine by collecting the information of installed applications. That information will help to find out harmful applications more accurately and prevent regarding harmless applications as malicious;
    • To enhance and extend website categories, URLs will be sent to be checked by our cloud based web categories engine;
    • To understand the market trend - We may use your non-personal information to understand demographics, customer interest, and other trends among our users;
    • To help develop our service - We may use non-personal information to provide, maintain, improve and modify the applications or services;
    • To further develop the business -We may use non-personal information for promotion and marketing purposes.


  1. Personal Information
    We do not store personal information and there is no chance we will disclose your personal information.
  2. Non-Personal Information
    Although we may store non-personal information to help us improve the application and service, we guarantee that your non-personal information will not be disclosed.