Lionic AI Anti-Virus Technology - Detecting Zero-Day Virus

The great advancement in computing power has made AI (Artificial Intelligence) feasible and accessible. Consequently, there is a rising count of AI applications emerging. One of the notable examples is the ChatGPT - an AI tool that has earned significant popularity.

In the Anti-Virus sector, the presence of Zero-Day viruses poses a significant challenge. It appears that AI has the potential to detect these Zero-Day viruses.

Given Lionic’s extensive collection of viruses and clean files as training data, the company has utilized this resource to develop its own Artificial Intelligence Anti-Virus Engine. This engine should serve as a powerful tool in combatting Zero-Day viruses like human security analysts.

AI Anti-Virus Technology

The AI Anti-Virus engine’s development process began by determining the key attributes to extract from executable files. This was followed by training a machine learning model using a large extracted attributes dataset of both malicious and clean files. Through extensive experimentation and refinement, the Lionic zero-day virus detection model achieved a practical and effective detection rate while minimizing false positives.

Currently, the AI Anti-Virus engine is integrated into the Lionic anti-virus query cloud, as the zero-day virus detection model requires much more resources and is not suitable running on embedded system. This AI-powered engine enables the detection of Zero-Day viruses, providing valuable assistance to customers.

AI Anti-Virus Technology2