Lionic Antivirus for Android

A Swiss Army knife security tool on Android platform
It can protect users against the threats of Android malwares.

Mobile Malware Scan
Mobile Malware Scan
  • Real-time and manual scan mobile malwares
  • Support 4 scan modes
  • System Scan
  • File Scan
  • Cloud based Scan
  • Scheduled Scan
  • Automatically scan when downloading or installing app.
  • Cloud based scan provides much higher virus detection rate.
  • We have obtained AV-TEST Certification with 100% Detection Record
Permission Detector
Permission Detector
  • Some applications ask so many permissions.
    You may have no idea which ones are dangerous.
  • Permission Categories.
  • Track Location: To track and user your locations.
  • Access Account: To identify your personal information.
  • Access Message: Access your message through SMS/MMS.
  • Access Contacts: Access your contact list.
File Encryption
File Encryption
  • Encrypting files to protect against data leakage.
  • To secure your private file from unwanted access without permission.
Application Lock
Application Lock
  • To secure your privacy.
  • To limit certain access for any particular app in any particular time.
  • Take picture on invader.
URL Filter
URL Filter
  • Supporting Lionic Web Content Category Database for classifying categories.
  • To screen an incoming web page to determine whether it should/should not be displayed to the user.
  • We will send email alert when children try to access unsuitable web.
  • Filter Categories.
    Alcohol / Drugs / Cigarette
    Social Network / Chatting
    Video Stream

Both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives organizations give Lionic Antivirus good scores. Please check the following two press releases.

Smart Network Filter, Security Made Simple

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