Behavior Management

Network Behavior Management – FamilySafe

Manage connected home, prevents children from violent, pornographic, and illegal web contents
Profile-based Parental Control
  • One role, one profile. For example of three roles, Dad, Mom, Children.
  • Easily manage family members with perfect protection.
Management Rules
  • Provide clean & safe network by content categories filtering.
  • Block or allow individual applications as well as the exceptional websites per your needs.
  • Disconnect all the devices owned by children during the bedtime to have best sleeping quality.
  • Or pause the Internet accessing when children should go to dinner or homework.
Friendly Device Management
  • No more MAC, IP address. Users manage all connected devices easily.
  • If there are unknown devices from strangers, just block it from your network.
Usage Analytics
  • Understand what your children did with Internet.
  • Take action to block unwanted contents directly.

Network Behavior Management – FamilySafe

Smart Network Filter, Security Made Simple

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