Reporting Malicious URL

Lionic collects malicious URL.

If you want to send us your collected malicious URL, please email them to the following email address.

Email: submit<at> (Please replace <at> as @)


Please note:

  1. Please list your URLs in the email body. And send that mail to us by using above email address. We understand the purpose of this email address. Whatever you email to us, they will not be blocked inside Lionic.
  2. The size of each email you sent should not be larger than 20MB.
  3. Please be careful about the Firewall, Next Generation Firewall, UTM or similar facilities of your organization. The attachments may be blocked if your facilities regard them as malicious.
  4. The Lionic security staffs who are handling the supporting emails know the severity of malware. These emails will only be checked carefully in the Lionic enhanced sandbox.