Hsinchu, Taiwan – June 3, 2014 — Lionic Corporation, a worldwide supplier of innovative network security solutions, today announced an intelligent anti-virus solution for gateways in the connected home. Hackers consistently pose a threat, developing viruses that can compromise systems and identities. The threat of viruses can come from anywhere from bogus anti-virus software that contains a hidden virus to websites that pose as respected institutions requesting users’ personal information as part of an identity theft scam. In short, the Internet is not a secure place by any means, and even those that consider themselves to be tech savvy have unknowingly allowed viruses to access the devices they use on-the-go as well as the home. The Lionic Anti-Virus Solution will now be offered in home gateways based on Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.’s, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, Qualcomm® Internet Processor (IPQ) to provide enhanced target throughput performance to detect millions of known viruses. The solution works in real-time across multiple operating systems monitoring for potential threats all while offering the lowest footprint.

The Lionic Anti-Virus Solution provides new key features and benefits:

  • Protection of both mobile and in-home devices, such as IP-based set-top boxes and streaming media players.
  • Protection of more devices due to the performance improvements in gateways based on the Qualcomm® Internet Processor (IPQ).
  • Enterprise-grade antivirus solution for the home. Brought by the certified technology from several industrial leading virus-test companies, such as AV-TEST, the enterprise-level antivirus protection provides an up-to-date virus database to enable higher virus detection rate.

“The Innovative Lionic Anti-virus software has been supported by DPI technology, which is being patented as a product that addresses the highest performance with the lowest footprint,” said Eric Lu, president of Lionic Corporation. “Lionic is eager to bring these enhancements to our solution to respond to the growing threat of viruses infecting devices.”

A live showcase of the integrated Lionic Anti-Virus solution will be demonstrated in Lionic’s suite at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Room 1039, during Computex Taipei 2014, Taiwan, June 3-7, 2014. This technology enables service providers to deliver real-time, smart and enterprise-grade security for users, and has protection with near-zero configuration. The Lionic solution has been tested by major infrastructure vendors throughout the past several years, resulting in a superior level of interoperability and product maturity. Connect with Lionic at mkt.lionic@lionic.com for time reservations at Computex Taipei 2014.

Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries, used with permission.

About Lionic Corporation

Lionic Corporation is a worldwide provider of innovative Deep Packet Inspection solutions. The technologies of Lionic include the complete DPI-based software engine and related management software which offer the Security Solutions that addresses anti-virus, anti-intrusion, anti-webthreat; and the Content Management Solutions that addresses application identification, device identification, application based QoS, web content filtering, parental control.

Lionic’s security and content management solutions, cloud-based scan services and signature subscription service are widely deployed in the world already. They help service providers, network appliance manufacturers, semiconductor companies, etc. to enable the next generation of business routers, residential gateways, SD WAN edges and cloud gateways, advanced firewalls, UTMs, Smart NICs and mobile devices. Those products powered by Lionic provide better network management and protect the world’s networks from an ever increasing level of security threats.