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During the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, Taiwan can help! We, Lionic from Taiwan, can also help you on cyber-security!

Recently, WFH( Work- From- Home) has become a trend of working pattern. The sufficient internet access is required by the SoHo, SMB and home workers, in the meanwhile, risks and threats of cyber-security also increase silently. Below are what the home workers would face and Lionic can help on:

Internet interruption

The home workers are afraid of the internet interrupted because of bandwidth being occupied by other home users and families. Lionic’s security solutions can prioritize all applications and optimize to the important workers (i.e. father and mother).

Cyber-attack of BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is unavoidable due to WFH. But it comes with a risk of being infected by the virus and malware. Lionic’s security solutions can assist home users to eliminate those threats and uninvited guests.

Confidential information leakage

The applications (i.e. Zoom or Microsoft office etc.) which the home workers mostly use are vulnerable to exploitation, Lionic’s security solutions can detect those exploitation to help users avoid the confidential information being leaked.

Plug and Protect, Lionic is well-prepared to help you!



About Lionic Corporation

Lionic Corporation is a worldwide provider of innovative Deep Packet Inspection solutions. The technologies of Lionic include the complete DPI-based software engine and related management software which offer the Security Solutions that addresses anti-virus, anti-intrusion, anti-webthreat; and the Content Management Solutions that addresses application identification, device identification, application based QoS, web content filtering, parental control.

Lionic’s security and content management solutions, cloud-based scan services and signature subscription service are widely deployed in the world already. They help service providers, network appliance manufacturers, semiconductor companies, etc. to enable the next generation of business routers, residential gateways, SD WAN edges and cloud gateways, advanced firewalls, UTMs, Smart NICs and mobile devices. Those products powered by Lionic provide better network management and protect the world’s networks from an ever increasing level of security threats.