Hsinchu, Taiwan – October 7, 2020 – According to the H1, 2020 DDOS report released by Link11, Germany, the DDoS attack average in April, May and June is 97% higher than the same period in 2019, and reach to the peak of 108% in May this year. Since the beginning of the year, there’s a new way added on the DDoS attack, the DVRs exploit vulnerability becomes the attacking route, and it has been used for hundreds of times in Q2. If enterprises cannot stop the attacks in time, the intranet will be paralyzed. The accompanied risks are confidential information being stolen or required to pay the ransom to recover the services.

FBI and several information security providers warned that Ransom DDoS has swept enterprises in the whole world. They estimated that thousands of companies have been received emails by cyber-criminals from August, 2020. They asked them to pay for ransoms or they will launch DDoS attacks. The Covid-19 pandemic and DDOS attacks are international issues worldwide, Taiwan’s co-location vendors and cloud centers are attacked as well and relevant websites’ services are affected.

In accordance with the report announced by vendors’ attacked, the main source of attack is that DVRs are controlled by botnet and launch an offense continuously. This situation has already caused those enterprises have to stop the website’s services and resulted in great loss.

The reasons of DVRs devices have been invaded include:

  • Users had never changed the default password
  • DVRs devices turn on the Telnet service in default
  • DVRs devices have exploit vulnerability

There is one kind of enterprise not afraid of the threat, the tier one security company , SECOM, indicated that the recent DDoS attack was blocked by an intelligent network gateway SECOM adopted. All of logs are stored on the managed platform of devices. The Intelligent network gateway called “Pico-UTM”, a powerful cyber-security device made by Lionic, it is equipped with enterprise-level network security features, including Anti-Virus, Anti-Intrusion, Anti-WebThreat and Firewall. Lionic was informed by SECOM, Pico-UTM is able to detect and block the DVRs attack without any missing. SECOM commented Pico-UTM is a perfect safety gatekeeper, it protects our entire network environments. In addition to install the Pico-UTM to reinforce the network security, Lionic also suggests users to take following actions:

  • Change the default password of connected devices (you may ask your vendor for help)
  • Turn off the Telnet service (google it or ask professional IT person for help)


About Lionic Corporation

Lionic Corporation is a worldwide provider of innovative Deep Packet Inspection solutions. The technologies of Lionic include the complete DPI-based software engine and related management software which offer the Security Solutions that addresses anti-virus, anti-intrusion, anti-webthreat; and the Content Management Solutions that addresses application identification, device identification, application based QoS, web content filtering, parental control.

Lionic’s security and content management solutions, cloud-based scan services and signature subscription service are widely deployed in the world already. They help service providers, network appliance manufacturers, semiconductor companies, etc. to enable the next generation of business routers, residential gateways, SD WAN edges and cloud gateways, advanced firewalls, UTMs, Smart NICs and mobile devices. Those products powered by Lionic provide better network management and protect the world’s networks from an ever increasing level of security threats.