Hsinchu, Taiwan – May 25, 2021 – The Darkside cyber-criminal gang attacked Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline system for refined oil products in the United States, with its targeted ransomware in May 7, 2021. The company asked the help of FireEye security company to investigate. The ransomware uses Salsa20 and RSA-1024 encryption algorithms and it means the possibility of decrypting those encrypted files without private key is really tiny.

The Colonial Pipeline shut down its 5,550-mile gasoline pipeline soon. This leads to panic buying of gasoline in the Southeast of US. The US government relaxed rules on fuel being transported by road to minimize disruption to supply. Also, President Biden signed an Executive Order to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect federal government networks and FBI began investigating this ransomware case. FBI confirmed that the Darkside is responsible for the Colonial Pipeline catastrophe.

The Darkside received the ransom, 5 million $USD, from The Colonial Pipeline. However, the Colonial Pipeline found the speed of using the Darkside decryption tools and private key to restore the files is too slow. They decide to use the backup data finally. It shows that backing up files frequently is always the reliable method against ransomware.

Meanwhile, the Darkside announced that their “goal is to make money, and not creating problem for society”. In May 15, 2021, they lost access to their infrastructure, including their blog, payment, and CDN servers. Therefore, the Darkside shuts down. It is interesting that the attacker this time is probably the REvil gang, another cyber-criminal group. The REvil representative said its program was introducing new restrictions - it would be forbidden to attack those institutions in healthcare, educational and government sector of any country.

The vulnerabilities used by Darkside ransomware are CVE-2020-17132 and CVE-2021-26855. Both of them are Microsoft Exchange Server RCE Vulnerability. The Darkside sends a lot of spam mails with attachments which will trigger these vulnerabilities. Some employee may click the attachments and ransomware begins spreading and destroying.

Lionic already studied these CVE and have designed virus signature in local and cloud signature. Any products which adopted Lionic’s Anti-Virus technology can protect against the Darkside ransomware.

  • Partial Anti-Virus local signature examples about blocking Darkside ransomware
VID Virus Signature Name Signature version
7018380 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.trNG 3.0.1556
7018382 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.trNI 3.0.1557
7018383 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.trNJ 3.0.1557
7018384 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.trNK 3.0.1557
7018385 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.trNL 3.0.1557
  • Partial Anti-Virus cloud signature examples about blocking Darkside ransomware
VID Virus Signature Name Adding Date
9273845030476747 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.j 2021-05-12
9212223015230098 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.j 2021-05-13
9227620288687023 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.j 2021-05-14
9154241571155251 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.j 2021-05-14
9226656176227054 Trojan.Win32.Darkside.j 2021-05-14

The Pico-UTM 100, the security network bridge made by Lionic, has these anti-virus signatures, of course. There are many other ransomwares targeted the enterprises. So far Lionic has collected more than 30 million of ransomware instances. Although local signature can only choose thousands of the high priority ones, the Lionic cloud-based anti-virus database has them all. If those big companies can deploy large volume of Pico-UTM 100 in their LAN in advance, we think their impact will be minimized, or even no impact.


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