Hsinchu, Taiwan - July 24, 2023 - Lionic Corporation, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of the “Lionic URL Check Service”. This service uses the malicious website and web content filtering cloud databases of Lionic Corporation and allows free queries to check if a URL is malicious and its website category.

Lionic developed the malicious website and web content filtering cloud databases for years. They have been trusted and licensed by numerous international network appliance companies, including Cisco, NEC, and other major vendors. The two cloud databases have a proven track record of success with over a million units shipped over the past decade. Also, Lionic’s flagship products, including Pico-UTM and Tera-UTM, seamlessly integrate the malicious website and web content filtering cloud databases, ensuring a robust defense against web threats.

Therefore, “Lionic URL Check Service” fully utilizes the above cloud databases effectively, allowing people to check if a website is malicious and see its category for free.

“At Lionic Corporation, we are dedicated to creating a safer Internet environment for all users,” said Eric Lu, CEO of Lionic Corporation. “The Lionic URL Check Service offers an effortless way for individuals to check URLs for potential malicious web content and web page categorization.”

Key Features of Lionic URL Check Service:

  1. Malicious Websites: Users can easily input any web page URL and query Lionic’s malicious websites database. The result will show whether the URL is malicious or not. The malicious website types include Phishing, Drive-by downloads, Malicious files, Malvertising.

  2. Website Categorization: The URL Check Service offers clear website categorization, enabling users to make informed decisions while browsing the Internet. It is ideal for personal use, parental controls, educational institutions, and businesses seeking effective web access management.

  3. User Feedback and Adjustments: Lionic values user feedback. If users encounter any false positives or wish to adjust web page categorization, they will be led to the dedicated “Report False Positive” or “Reclassify” web page on Lionic’s official website.

Lionic URL Check Service:

Experience now by visiting: https://check.lionic.com.


The Lionic URL Check Service is free for personal use. For commercial use, please contact Lionic for customized solutions.

About Lionic Corp.

Lionic Corporation is recognized globally as a leader in advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solutions. The technology suite includes a state-of-the-art DPI engine and comprehensive software application modules. The Security modules cover Anti-Virus, Anti-Intrusion and Anti-WebThreat, while the Content Management modules focus on application and device identification, application-based quality of service (QoS), web content filtering and parental control. Lionic’s offerings in security and content management, along with cloud-based scanning services and signature subscription services, are deployed extensively worldwide.