Dual Ark-UTM 16

High Availability
Ultimate Adaptability

High Availability . Ultimate Adaptability

Dual Ark-UTM 16

Suitable for SMB and Multiple branch offices

Enterprise-level cyber security features
The comprehensive security features include Anti-Virus, Anti-Intrusion, Anti-WebThreat, Firewall and so on. They effectively block ransomware, phishing websites, malicious viruses, guard against OS system vulnerabilities and SSL/TLS encrypted traffic.
Enhancing network reliability with High Availability (HA)
In the event of a failure, the Standby Ark-UTM 16 takes over seamlessly from the Active one, ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity.
Performance Advantage Ultimate Adaptation
Multi-port design and full defense and high performance, protection for various scenarios of industrial areas, having extensive application capabilities.
Flexible defense deployment
Uses bridge mode by default, allowing for immediate filtering of malicious content without modifying the original network topology.
Defense from All Aspects
Block Malicious Viruses
Block Phishing Websites
Block Ransomware
Defend Against Vulnerability Attacks
Block and destroy the virus instances.
Prevent from network intrusions like botnet, domain hijacking, and ransomware infections and others.
Anti-Web Threat
Block malicious web such as phishing, malware injection and others.
Full Features, Uncompromising Defense
High PerformanceHigh Availability (HA)High Application

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

Sustained protection against growing threats

Lionic Threat Encyclopedia compiles known intrusion attacks and offers attack data analysis and solutions

Line Notify, Auto-generated daily / weekly report

Security Monitoring + CMS

With a simple management interface and intuitive functions

Language support: Chinese, English and Japanese

Central management system (CMS) for monitoring multiple Ark-UTM 16

Deployment Plan at Your Discretion

Segmented LAN protection

Isolates viruses within a LAN segment

Endpoint protection

Deployment in front of production equipment for protection

Remote protection

Prevent threats from infecting the internal corporate network through VPN connections