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Small and Medium Business

The cybersecurity challenges encountered by Small and Medium Business (SMB) in Taiwan’s digital transformation are addressed by Pico-UTM 100. It offers enterprise-level cybersecurity defense accessible to SMB while simplifying the complexity of cybersecurity management for easy implementation.
Small and Medium Business

Customer Background

The government’s push for Industry 4.0 is driving digital transformation in SMEs, bringing them closer to digital technologies like networks and cloud computing. However, this also exposes them to cybersecurity risks, making SMEs prime targets for hackers. Despite some SMEs believing their size makes them less appealing to hackers, this mindset often leads to vulnerabilities that attackers exploit.

The Challenges
Issue 1 In the digital transformation to Industry 4.0 in traditional industries, cybersecurity is often neglected. Issue 2 Factory production lines and machinery lack cybersecurity safeguards.
Small and Medium Business are no longer afraid of cyber-criminals. Even without dedicated IT personnel, they can still have cybersecurity protection.

The company located in Tainan, specializes in manufacturing rubber and silicone products. Despite the critical role of their factory’s production line, which is equipped with numerous PLC machines, they initially overlooked cybersecurity during their transition to Industry 4.0. Consequently, their networked PLC machines lacked any cybersecurity mechanism. Although they have not yet experienced significant cybersecurity attacks affecting operations, potential threats could disrupt their OT network or halt production. Common cybersecurity challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) include limited budgets, manpower shortages, lack of expertise, and knowledge limitations. These challenges often result in inadequate cybersecurity defense, posing potential operational risks and crises.

Recommend Device

Industry Sector

Small and Medium Business

Equipment Utilized

  • Pico-UTM 100
  • CMS (Central Management System)
Pico-UTM 100
IT Series
Pico-UTM 100

After understanding the vendor’s issues, Lionic recommends that the company must develop comprehensive plans and establish cybersecurity mechanisms to enhance protection for their production line machinery. This mechanism can address the sudden network attacks and threats effectively.

Installing Pico-UTM 100 in front of critical machinery provides pre-filtering to prevent infection spread and defends against vulnerabilities in older systems. It enhances cybersecurity amidst the operator’s transition to digital transformation in traditional industries, blocking common attack methods like DoS, malware, and social engineering across production line environments and IT connectivity.

Pico-UTM 100 offers easy setup and robust protection against ransomware, phishing, and vulnerability attacks. It provides enterprise-level cybersecurity defense for small and medium-sized enterprises while simplifying cybersecurity management for user-friendly operation.