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Manufacturing Sector

For the manufacturing sector, cybersecurity has become an integral part of the production process. Deploying Tera-UTM 12 in front end of the production line ensures its smooth operation.
Manufacturing Sector

Customer Background

The manufacturing industry has become a prime target for cyberattacks, with Taiwan ranking third in ransomware attacks in the Asia-Pacific region. The government has prioritized cybersecurity as a national security concern due to the industry’s increasing vulnerability to cyber threats. With Taiwan’s high-tech industry gaining international prominence, it faces significant cyber risks. Consequently, cybersecurity has become an essential component of the manufacturing process. Effectively deploying cybersecurity measures to safeguard production lines poses a critical challenge for OT security.

The Challenges
Issue 1 The production line operates 24/7, making it impossible to halt operations for upgrades even if feasible. Issue 2 The network connected old equipment with outdated operating system has high risk. Issue 3 The security appliances in use may not support PLC.
How can production lines in manufacturing remain uninterrupted while balancing cybersecurity?

In the digitalized manufacturing landscape, companies face diverse challenges and ransomware threats. Maintaining uninterrupted 24/7 production line operation is crucial. However, outdated OS systems, cloud-enabled equipment information, and security concerns with Industrial Control Systems (ICS) can pose vulnerabilities, increasing the risk of attacks and impacting production processes and product quality.

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Manufacturing Sector

Equipment Utilized

  • Tera-UTM 12
  • CMS (Central Management System)
Tera-UTM 12
OT Series
Tera-UTM 12

When old equipment of production line and ICS (Industrial Control System) are not secure enough, adopting Tera-UTM 12 as the endpoint protection can defend against multiple cybersecurity threats. The Hardware Bypass feature of Tera-UTM 12 ensures continuous operation of the production line network even during system crashes or power outages.