PHP Vulnerability CVE-2024-4577 Strikes Asia

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Jun 19, 2024 – The famous cybersecurity researcher from Taiwan, Orange Tsai, has discovered a critical PHP vulnerability, CVE-2024-4577, affecting numerous systems across Asia. This …

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CentOS7 Web Panel Vulnerability - CVE-2022-44877

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Feb 8, 2023 – CentOS Linux is widely used on servers, many of which are connected to the Internet. Some network administrators may use CWP, CentOS Web Panel, to manage their CentOS …

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Critical Realtek eCos SDK Flaw - CVE-2022-27255

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Sep 1, 2022 – In the 2022 DEFCON, one of the world’s largest and most notable hacker conventions, four security researchers ( Octavio Gianatiempo, Octavio Galland, Emilio …

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