Success Stories

Lionic UTM equipment is widely deployed to help various industries address security challenges.

Chain Restaurant Sector
Lionic UTM devices offer effective network defense capabilities in managing VPN connections within the chain business environment, enhancing branch office cybersecurity to ensure enterprise business …
Small and Medium Business
The cybersecurity challenges encountered by Small and Medium Business (SMB) in Taiwan's digital transformation are addressed by Pico-UTM 100. It offers enterprise-level cybersecurity defense …
Manufacturing Sector
For the manufacturing sector, cybersecurity has become an integral part of the production process. Deploying Tera-UTM 12 in front end of the production line ensures its smooth operation.
Hotel Sector
The Internet utilization of hotel rooms is more complicated and difficult to manage. The risk of hackers infiltrating the hotel's internal network is increasing. This could potentially compromise the …
Medical Sector
Securing data and systems in healthcare facilities to prevent interruptions and patient data breaches is crucial, necessitating the implementation of protective measures.
Public Transportation Sector
Public electronic advertising billboards play a vital role in conveying important messages. To ensure the security of displayed content, subway electronic billboards have implemented the Lionic UTM …